Astro-Knot - Krystal Cox

Astro-Knot - Krystal Cox

Krystal is a self trained artist who works in multi-faceted medias and modes of expression. Her primary arts feature charcoals, soft pastels, beadwork and textiles. An emphasis on the interconnection to the natural world are reflected in her acts of foraging local botanicals to create inks in applications to dye fabrics as elements of her portraits. Through these immersive works she expresses, honours and analyzes cultural roots, mythologies, the cycle of birth & death. 

A passion for astronomy & astrology act as catalysts of inspiration which serve as guides throughout the composition of her arts. Her ancestors are Coast Salish, Chilean and Irish. She is an active member of the local Ottawa arts community having experience painting live on site for events and special occasions. 

Krystals illustrations are published in collaboration with author Jay Odjick for the short story “Moonlight Somata: a song of bodies in moonlight” in the published anthology: A Howl: A Comics Collection of Wolves, Werewolves, and Rougarou.” 2021. 

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