{kôhkom – grandmother Cree | mo͞on}

KOKUMOON was born in honour of our kokums spiritual journey on the healing moon Giizisoonhg Mnidoons

Born in 1930, her life’s journey began alongside the English River (Treaty 9) in Nothern Ontario. She was able to connect and heal through culture revitalization in her life’s journey sharing her gifts of wisdom, and guidance she carried in her connection to language, culture and the land.

Kokumoon honours the powerful connection and lineage of our generations, grandmother moon, grandfather sky and the elements and connection to Mother Earth.

Pieces are created with traditional beadwork passed down from generations of mothers, with current designs also inspired by nature. Many pieces include locally sourced materials from Mother Earth, pearls & shells from local waters and great seas, and gemstones of powerful healing properties.

All of our creations are influenced by the moon, earth and water & most of all the heart of Kokumoon.

Kokumoon creates on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Nation.