Laura Leonard Originals/David Finkle Drums

Laura Leonard Originals/David Finkle Drums

Laura Leonard is of Maliseet descent and is widely known both as a powerful hand drum singer as well as a prolific fashion designer. She also holds a BA in Native Studies from Brandon University.

As a singer/drummer her knowledge of traditional songs is extremely varied. She is often invited into schools to share her gift of song with the students as well as conducting workshops on beading and leather work.

Laura’s fashion is in high demand due to her innovative designs that are both of exceptional quality and authenticity. She utilizes ancient traditional motifs and materials infusing the latter with a contemporary style.

David Finkle has been called a 'Renaissance man'. Hailing from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, he is an award-winning, multi-instrumental recording artist versed in many musical genres. He's a traditional knowledge keeper, storyteller, drum maker, performer, producer, and sound engineer, and has completed scores for many various theatrical productions, documentaries and full length features for 30 years.

David's music ranges from traditional melodies to live improvisation, being instinctual as well as involving a deep understanding of music theory without allowing it to stifle his heartfelt compositions. Exhibiting a strong focus on drums, melody duties often go to Native American Flute, an instrument unlike any other in the world. David has performed in North/Central America, the high Arctic, and Africa.