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Turtle Lodge Trading Post Inc.

Turtle Lodge Trading Post Inc. is a home-based company in Clayton, ON. We carry whole leaf organic Semah, Sages, Sweetgrass, herbs, shells, pouches, broadcloth & other tools, art, crafts, & more.

For years we watched good people struggle with uncertainties about the availability, cost & quality of their ceremonial items. Since 2006, we have made it our mission to become a trusted source for these products, and have developed a solid reputation for excellence and customer care.

Today TLTP employs a growing number of people & is wonderfully supported by friends, family members & many organizations in the Indigenous community. We operate by appointment for pick up, plus we have our “Turtle on the Road” program, where you can find us with our products on a regular bi-weekly/monthly basis at various locations, such as the Kumik Elder's Lodge & the Wabano Centre for Indigenous Health.