Discover Traditional Teas with Chef Paul Owl

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Event sponsor: TD, ITO | Presenter: Chef Paul Owl

This food kit can be shipped Canada-wide thanks to the dried ingredients.

Instructions and video link; Download the PDF

This event will be available for viewing on-demand until August 31.


Meet our farm animals, and explore our story of our sustainability and the tale of Treeteas Brewing followed by a quick forage near the farm.

Participants will explore simple techniques used to build and extract the incredible flavours of our teas.

Purchase this event kit and all required materials will be delivered to your door, or follow along for free by gathering your own supplies to participate.

HOW IT WORKS: A meal kit will be delivered to you by our courier partner, Gopher It! This package will include all the ingredients you'll need to partake in this workshop. Download the PDF which includes the link to the workshop or visit our website to find the link.