Donate to Madahoki Farm and Support Indigenous Culture

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Donations will help support the wonderful affirmative activities and events at Mādahòkì Farm, from free public access to the Indigenous farm in Ottawa’s Greenbelt to seasonal festivals, exciting Indigenous programming, opportunities for everyone to reconnect with the land, and the care and feeding of Mādahòkì’s rare Ojibwe Spirit Horses.

Canada’s only known Indigenous breed of horses, the Ojibwe Spirit Horses are said by our Elders to have lived in harmony with First Nations communities since time immemorial. The sacred horses almost went extinct in the 1970s, but brave folks from Lac La Croix First Nations captured the last four wild mares and led them across the frozen ice to Minnesota, where they started to restore the breed. Today, more than 150 of the friendly, intelligent horses are registered.

Thank you for your contribution to Mādahòkì Farm, and come visit us and our horses!