The Art For Aid Project - Colleen Gray

The Art For Aid Project - Colleen Gray

Colleen Gray is Mi'kmaw, Acadian, and of Irish descent. She is from New Brunswick.
As a visual and lifelong artist, Colleen works in ground mineral based watercolour paint on oil-based synthetic paper. She has been painting in this unique style for about four years.  She says painting in this style is a meditative process. Working with water is an emotional conductor and creates a reflection of where you are at the moment. This style forces you to let go of expectations and think outside of your own box.

Colleen's inspiration comes from being around ceremonial people for about 30 years. She is inspired by the stories, ceremonies and history of Indigenous people. She's also inspired by contemporary Indigenous artists such as Christie Belcourt, Frank Howell, Daphne Odjig, and the Indigenous Group of Seven.

Colleen's Art for Aid Project aims to support First Nations, Inuit and Métis art education programs through access to quality art supplies, awareness and fundraising efforts. She funds the project through the sales of her own works of art. In June of 2019, Colleen Gray received the Governor General’s Sovereign Medal for Volunteers for her work.

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